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School of Fundraising and Intersectoral Cooperation

Synergy is the key.

That is why inter-sectoral cooperation is very important to us.


We invite local government units, institutions, organizations, educational institutions, corporations, farmers, handicraftsmen, businessmen and everyone for whom it is important to care for children and adults who find themselves in difficult situations to cooperate. Together with our Partners, we systematically prepare packages with food, hygiene products, children's products and books. We give them to seniors, families who find themselves in a crisis situation, and children staying in hospitals.

Because together we can do more!

       We share our knowledge and experience. We organise workshops for people                and organizations that want to change the world for the better and develop in the field of fundraising. We create educational materials and meetings with specialists in various areas.

We specialise in implementing projects based on cross-sector cooperation

and donations in kind.

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