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"If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need"
Cicero - Roman writer, politician, philosopher

The Educational Gardens Foundation is a continuation of Anna Wysocka-Gazda's projects aimed at the development of local communities and supporting their initiatives, in particular the creation of social spaces, i.e. green areas adapted to conduct educational and integration activities (the so-called Educational Gardens) and intersectoral cooperation, in particular

in the area of ​​CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

We work in Educational Gardens because we want to improve the quality of life for people, animals and plants. We try to build strong relationships and undertake initiatives that have a positive impact on reality.

Together we can do more!

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First of all, we try to change the world for the better. And encourage others to do the same. We work together to improve the quality of life of residents of specific areas and social groups who find it difficult to fight for a better fate on their own. We are very proud of the progress we continue to make. We undertake many initiatives that are difficult to mention in one breath. Therefore, below we have listed what we do, who we support and how we work to implement changes for the better every day.

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Show us your support

This is one of the easiest ways to support our business. We believe that the active involvement of the community is the best chance for success. This is an easy and effective way to contribute to the Educational Gardens
in the implementation of the mission.
Please contact us with any questions.
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Give us wings

Educational Gardens appreciate generosity
and the involvement of people like you. Even the smallest amount of support makes a non-profit organization grow strong
and can do more. We want to provide you with all the information about your chosen support method, so please contact us if you have any questions.


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Make an impact

Want to join us but don't know where to start? Become a volunteer and take the opportunity to contribute to our goals. Remember that even the smallest action is a step
towards a better tomorrow. Contact us today and find out how you can help.

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Author and founder of the Educational Gardens.

Anna Wysocka-Gazda z synem

Born in Wrocław. Year 74 - supposedly perfect: D


The Chinese believe that people born in the Year of the Tiger are:

* Brave (the Tiger is able to act even in the face of great danger, achieving unprecedented results where others would have withdrawn long ago)

* HONEST (they very rarely lie, if asked for their opinion on a topic, they will not try to please you, but say exactly what they think)

* HOJNI (The tiger is able to share his resources, he is willing to help and give things that may be useful to someone else).

Happy mother of two children: an adult daughter and a Junior.

Social activist. Always. She loves people, animals and everything that lives. And he can never be indifferent to misfortune, misery or poverty.

Since 1993, ZHP instructor with the rank of sub-scoutmaster with a specialization in ecology and natural science.

Since 1994 a trainer, tutor, methodologist.

Educator, promoter of reverse education (including home and democratic education), promoter of non-violent education

and selection of appropriate educational and educational methods for children with sensory dysfunctions.

Summerhill is her world :)

Fundraiser, author of social and fundraising projects and campaigns, specialist in CSR, cross-sectoral cooperation, marketing, PR, employee volunteering.

Author and organizer of trainings in the areas of: effective communication, negotiations, public speaking, SV and DC in business relations, fundraising (including CSR and intersectoral cooperation), marketing, personal branding and PR, establishing non-governmental organizations,

changing passion into business.

Tour leader, organizer of holidays for children and youth, promoter and organizer of tourism

(including qualified), organizer of events (including mass events).

Breeder of cats and purebred dogs, promoter of zootherapy (in particular felinotherapy), behaviorist, educator in the field of positive influence of animals on the development of children and their safe coexistence. Promoter of ecology in the context of animals in the city.

Gardener (Technical School of Horticulture), promoter of greenery and ecosystems in the city.

He has been working in non-governmental organizations since 1990.

Soul, rebellious, independent and positive towards life.

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EDUCATIONAL GARDENS is a foundation from Lower Silesia created by Anna Wysocka-Gazda.

The EDUCATIONAL GARDENS Foundation was established on March 30, 2018 at the Notary Public's Office of Agnieszka Kogut with the notarial deed Repertory A No. 2634/2018.

The Foundation was established in order to undertake activities for the benefit of, among others:

  • supporting, activating and integrating local social groups, in particular those working towards access to education, equalizing opportunities and improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of a given area

  • development of home and democratic education and other forms of active education
    and reverse, focused on the individual needs of children and adolescents, with particular emphasis on the specific educational needs of dysfunctional and / or disabled children as well as providing equal opportunities for children and adolescents in access to the above-mentioned education

  • international, intercultural and intergenerational integration

  • developing volunteering, building a civic society and supporting civic initiatives

  • supporting educational institutions and parent's councils in the field of intersectoral cooperation and raising funds for educational activities and infrastructure development

  • entrepreneurship development, in particular of people who are excluded or at risk of social exclusion

  • creating cultural centers

  • establishing legal aid centers, in particular those related to violence, discrimination and debt relief for people excluded or at risk of social exclusion

  • creating sports, recreation and rehabilitation centers.


Where did the name come from?

Ogrody Edukacyjne is originally a CSR and cross-sectoral cooperation project aimed at creating socially attractive recreational and educational places for city residents (in particular from Wrocław).
Educational Gardens is an active, creative and inclusive space. Full of green spaces,
in particular, garden plants: flowering and utility plants, as well as infrastructure for relaxation, recreation and sports.
In the Gardens created in the city space, it will be possible, among others, to gain knowledge
about the geography of countries, cities, rivers, lakes, fauna, flora or the history of the selected continent. The gardens will also be equipped with tools to support science (including maths) and the humanities (including languages).


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main account number of the Foundation: 86 1600 1462 1825 1437 7000 0001

"A glimmer of hope is enough for heaven to open."
Martin Luther

If you want to support financially


then you can make a donation to one of the dedicated subaccounts.

Your donation will be used to implement those activities that are assigned to a specific bank account number.

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